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What is Agga?

Agga is a brand aiming to enhance the understanding and appreciation among the younger generations of wildlife species that have a bad rap through fact-based storytelling with children’s books at its center.

What does Agga offer?

Currently, we are selling two children’s books, one is about a striped hyena, and the other is about a crocodile family.

In what format are the books available?

The books are currently only available in hardcover or as an eBook.

For what ages are the books relevant?

The books are relevant for children between the ages 0-6.

To which countries are you shipping?

We are shipping internationally to 190 different countries.

Are you planning to sell more items in the future?

We aim to publish more books about more species and offer merchandise related to the stories and the characters.

What is the nature of your relationship with your partners?

Two essential pillars on which Agga is based are that the brand is educational and meant to create an impact. Our partnership with our partners is at the core of these pillars. By collaborating with researchers and experts with decades of experience studying and working with the species we write about and having them part of our writing process, we can bluntly say that these books teach about the species. In addition, by sharing a portion of the sales of each item with these organizations, you are contributing directly to further research, rescue, and preservation of the species.

Who wrote the books?

The books were written by Itay Gross, a father, writer, and wildlife lover who combined all these parts of his life into one place, Agga.

Why Agga?

Agga is how Itay’s first-born son would pronounce their dog's name, Gadi, before he could fully speak. This pronunciation symbolized to him the natural relationship formed between children and animals. 

Can we return our books after we receive them?

In what languages are the books available, and why?

The crocodile story is available in English and Hebrew. The hyena story is available in English, Hebrew, and Swahili. Both books are available in English to carry the message about these species as far and wide as possible. English is also the native language in Belize, home and base for our partners, the Crocodile Research Coalition. Swahili is the most commonly spoken language in Tanzania, home and base for our partners at the Ngorongoro Crater Hyena Project. Since we aim to promote the welfare of the species we write about, making the books accessible to those living close to their habitats is crucial. The Hebrew versions are available because it is the native language of Itay, the Founder of Agga and the writer of the books.