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What is Agga?

Agga is a brand aiming to improve the understanding and appreciation of wildlife species that have a bad rap among the younger generations.

What does Agga offer?

In the center of our brand are two children's books:
"The Spotted Hyena Joins a New Clan"
"The Crocodile's Hatching Day"

Both books are fun, engaging, and educational. The stories were written in consultancy and collaboration with experienced researchers and fieldworkers, confirming their factual basis.

In what format are the books available?

The books are currently only available in hardcover.

In what languages are the books available?

Both books are available in English and Hebrew. "The Spotted Hyena Joins a New Clan" is also available in Swahili, the most commonly spoken language in the region where spotted hyenas are most abundant.

For what ages are the books relevant?

The books are relevant for children between the ages 0-8.

To which countries are you shipping?

We are shipping worldwide to every country besides Russia. There is also the option of pick up from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Are you planning to sell more items in the future?

We aim to publish more books about more species and offer merchandise related to the stories and the characters.

What makes the content of the books educational?

Our stories evolve around the real-life traits and behaviors of animals with bad reputations. The factual basis of each story is approved by organizations with decades of experience researching and working in the field with the species. For "The Spotted Hyena Joins a New Clan", we collaborated with the Ngorongoro Crater Hyena Project and for "The Crocodile's Hatching Day", we collaborated with the Crocodile Research Coalition.

How does this brand create social impact?

In order to decrease human-wildlife conflict in areas where the species are abundant, copies of the books are shared with our partner organizations to be distributed locally at their discretion.

In addition, a portion of the profits from each item sold is donated to the organizations, meaning that each book you buy is a direct contribution to the research and welfare improvement efforts made by the Ngorongoro Crater Hyena Project and the Crocodile Research Coalition.

Who wrote the books?

The books were written by Itay Gross, a father, writer, and wildlife lover who combined all these elements of his life into creating this brand.

Why Agga?

Agga is how Itay’s first-born son would pronounce their dog's name, Gadi when he was just learning how to speak. Besides being cute, this pronunciation symbolizes the natural relationship formed between children and animals.